Zodiaque – Week 4 – Crunch Time

As Week 4 comes to a close, I reflect on the process in which the dance show Zodiaque at SUNY University at Buffalo has been going through these past few weeks. I am the lighting designer for two pieces within the show – “Love Gift”, which is being choreographed by Tom Ralabate, and “Italiano”, which is being choreographed by Jill Wolins. This is my first time doing anything in relation to lighting design. It is both fascinating, frustrating, and absolutely terrifying.

Since being assigned our official positions during Week One, Spencer Harder, Kelley Astyk, and myself have gathered the inspiration for our pieces, and paperwork has either been created or is in the process of coming together. We just had two lighting plot reviews this week, which helped give Kelley, who created all plot except the section (which was created by Spencer), some perspective on how to proceed and fix any mistakes within the plots. We even managed to make some solid decisions on gels and color!

Everyone else, including our Assistant Lighting Designer Alison Weinberger, has been in charge of making plots and organizing other paperwork, so I have been made Storyboard Collaborator. Now, what does that mean? Well, it means that I gather Kelley and Spencer’s concepts and images, and create a cohesive concept for the whole show, as well as cataloging them so that it is accessible to all and looks portfolio ready. Currently, I have it up on a board in our studio so all of the designers have access to it visually, which the process of its creation is cataloged below.

I am in the process of turning everything into a PowerPoint, with the help of our stage manager Rachel Marks, so that it can be accessible to choreographers on our shared DropBox as well. I plan to have it done by the end of next Design Seminar Recitation on Friday. Here’s hoping it looks fabulous!*




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