Scenic Artist Adventures: A Whole New Painting World

This semester, my position at UBTHD is Department Scenic Artist. The first task I was given by my mentor, Dyan Burlingame, was to clean up the painting area in the Scene Shop and collect the data necessary to create a list of inventory needed before paint calls begin.

I began with a general sweep and organization of the area. I gathered poor, unfortunate items to be looked over as to whether they should be tossed, as well as items that did not appear to belong within the painting realm. I moved the buckets on the production shelf off, taking the bad paint to the little towers that I have created specifically for bad paint.

After giving the sink a good wipe down, I discussed with Dyan about the items to be moved or tossed. A large number of the items I found were tossed. Some were sent to the texture bucket. A good 20-30 small art brushes had been left to dry with paint on them, so I let them soak in a cup full of soap and water for a day or so in the hopes of reviving as many of them as possible. The misplaced items found their homes, and so I ended my Tuesday by leaving some buckets with dried paint within them to soak in a soap-water mixture.


I returned to the task this morning to take a look at the soaking progress. After scrubbing out the small art brushes out for a solid 30 minutes in the sink, I managed to save all but 8 of the brushes. The dried paint fell from the buckets with rubber-y ease. I dried the brushes with paper towels and then left the buckets to dry to approach the ultimate task – complete organization of the table and shelves. I replaced the brown paper on the table with a new sheet, wrapping it like a present secured with smoothly-applied black gaffe tape. I organized the little buckets of brushes, writing utensils, and other small tools in the shelves, and made sure everything was in their pre-designated areas. With everything organized and looking proper, I washed my hands and walked away to send Dyan the final inventory list and to head off to my next class.*


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