Scenic Artist Adventures: The Creating of a Wood Texture Sample

Before one can begin painting scenery, one must create samples in order to trial run what must be done in a larger scale. For me, I had create wood texture samples in order to figure out glazes, also known as washes, and how to create wood grain texture. Looking to Savage in Limbo set designer Nimon Ibrahimaj’s model of the bar, and looking over some tips from Theatrical Scene Painting: A Lesson Guide by William H. Pinnell and from Prof. Dyan, I got some scrap wood and set to work.

After looking it all over with Prof. Dyan, we ended up deciding on a new primer we found that was more of a warmer brown like we wanted and figured that the orange glaze was what was going to be our best bet out of all of them.

With that in mind, I painted over the samples with the new primer of choice. Monday, I can hopefully get the samples done and ready so I can start on painting the bar!


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