Scenic Artist Adventures: Time to make some concrete samples!

Now that Savage in Limbo has opened, closed, and is struck, it is time to move to the next project – the set for Spring Awakening: The Musical!

For this set, the creation of texture will not only be done through paint, but through the application of other materials as well. Spencer Harder, the set designer, is going for a rather industrial, very structured space. One of the ways he would like to portray this quality is through the use of portals that have been textured to look like concrete blocks.

A little over a week ago, before heading off to Spring Break, Prof. Dyan, Spencer, and I met to begin creating texture samples for those portals.

Spring Awakening Concrete Samples

Spring Awakening Concrete Samples

Now that I have returned from Spring Break, I plan on continuing this process by adding layers of paint over these textures, now that they are fully dried, and figuring out what will work best for the portal’s design.

This process is going to be interesting! (and very long)

Let the games begin!


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