Scenic Artist Adventures: Final Clean-Up

As the semester draws to a close, I reflect on my effect on the next generation. With that in mind, I decided to show the show paint shelves and the paint cart a little love. They were looking a little sad, so I figured a new coat of paint would do just the trick!

"Shwo Paint" Lettering - Sides - Stencils
“Show Paint” Lettering – Sides – Stencils
"Show Paint" Lettering - Top Shelf - Final
“Show Paint” Lettering – Top Shelf – Final
"Show Paint" Lettering- Sides - Final
“Show Paint” Lettering- Sides – Final

After all that was done, I decided to do a little clean-up and reorganization of Painting World. I swept. I had all the leftover glosses dumped down the sink, and the buckets that held them cleaned and put away. I even re-organized the bins again!

The area isn’t quite perfect, but it looks much better than it did when I first came into Paint World. I can’t believe that was almost 4 months ago….

It’s been such a wonderful last semester. Being Department Scenic Artist has been such an honor and a privilege. Here’s to new, exciting adventures and projects in the future!

Scenic Artist Adventures: Spring Awakening – Production Photos

And so my last show of the semester, as well as my last show here at UB, has finally come to end. Here, have a look at the finished product in these production photos –

Spring Awakening – Just before “Touch Me” – The Chairs


Spring Awakening – Just Before “Totally F*cked” – Gears and Portals
Spring Awakening – “Totally F*cked” – Gears and Portals

Twas a lovely show to work on. It was a great process, and I am really happy with how all of the scenic elements turned out!