Making a Table Runner – Out of Book Pages (Oct. 2017)

This past October, Just Buffalo Writing Center asked for my assistance on a little project. They were co-hosting a banquet event with the Read Seed Write project, and what they wanted me to make were the table runners for the banquet table. Only these would not be ordinary table runners – they wanted them to be made from the pages of old gardening and herb books.

Inspiration Image

Naturally, I was intrigued and delighted to work on such a project, so I quickly agreed!

Now unlike the inspiration image (above), JBWC needed the table runners to be more slender and a lot longer, as these were going down the center of expansive banquet tables. We ended up deciding to make each unit about 2 ft wide, and 70 inches in length.

What we would do is take two book pages, and have them face away from each other to the width amount needed. We would do that all the way down until it became the length for the unit. This is the back of the unit, so we made sure to be aware of what images were facing on the upright side.

We would then place one page in between the two pages facing away from each other, and do that continuously down the unit. After that, we would take packing tape and place it on the two long sides of each of the center pages. We had to make sure the packing tape was placed straight on, for any wrinkle would show easily on the table runner, so we would use double sided tape to keep the pages in place as we went down with the packing tape.

It would then be time to flip the unit over, which had to be done super delicately to avoid ripping it. We would then add some pages over top to help add some chaos, and to cover any center pages that might be showing from underneath and ruining the aesthetic of the unit itself.

And that would be it! We would get empty paper towel rolls (or similar devices) and tightly (but carefully) roll them up, so that transporting it would be easier while also keeping it structurally sound.

In total, I created 13 units, which would be approximately 75 ft of table runners.

I had so much fun working on this project, even though dismembering books hurt me so! I absolutely love all the opportunities JBWC gives me to grow – as an artist, writer, theatre designer, and teacher.*

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